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704, 2021

3 Simple Tips to Pay Off Your Mortgage Faster in Texas

Homeownership is a goal of most adults, it is so rewarding to pay off your mortgage and claim your money back.  Paying it off faster has many benefits, including saving you thousands of dollars in interest. Here are 3 simple tips to pay off that mortgage faster so you can breathe a sigh of relief at having no more mortgage ...

2403, 2021

Home Staging: How to Stage a Home that Sells in Texas

Few things can help your home sell faster and for more money than home staging, which is why several homeowners do it.  In fact, 77% of buyer’s agents report that staging makes it easier for their clients to visualize themselves living in a home. Staging by a professional is well worth it if you have the money, but there are ...

1703, 2021

This is What Happens to Your Mortgage After You Sell Your Texas Home

You’ve decided to sell your Texas home after a few years, but what happens to your mortgage after you sell?  In the olden days, people would buy one house in their lifetime and stay in it until it was paid off. That was their home for retirement, and people rarely moved once they bought a house. That’s no longer the ...

1003, 2021

Does Curb Appeal Increase My Home’s Value in Dallas?

Curb appeal. Some houses have it and some don’t. In any case, yours should to increase your property value.  You could probably drive through any given neighborhood and find a handful of homes that stand above the rest, and they’re not always the biggest or newest ones. A 100-year-old 2-bedroom home could have more curb appeal than a newly built ...

303, 2021

What are Prospective Home Buyers in Texas Looking For?

The decision to sell your home is major, and to get a great offer as quickly as possible, you should know what prospective home buyers want.  The real estate market in the Lone Star State is hot right now while interest rates and inventory remain low, making it an ideal time to sell your home. While you’re prepping your house ...

2402, 2021

4 Expert Tips for a Successful Open House in Dallas County

A successful open house can be the key to a quick sale in Dallas County, Texas because they’re the best way to get buyers well-acquainted.  Open houses generate interest and get the eyes of a lot of potential buyers on your house in a short amount of time. Open houses are still able to be held successfully, even in the ...

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