4 Easy Ways to Stage Your Home for Cheap in Texas

Selling a house comes with a lengthy to-do list. A good place to start is to stage your home to sell your property fast. 

Hiring a professional stager will make your house look amazing, but it can be costly. But there’s no need to hire an expensive professional with these 4 easy ways to stage your home for cheap in Texas. 

  1. Clean

Cleaning is the single most effective thing you can do on your own to get your house ready to sell. Scrub from top to bottom, every nook and cranny. Inside and outside. Of course tackle the obvious cleaning like wiping down counters and bathrooms, but don’t stop there. Wipe down the walls. Clean the fronts and insides of the cupboards and cabinets. Wash windows and clean out the window sills. Wash your front door and pressure wash the exterior of your house. Use a toothbrush to scrub the corners of showers and countertops where grime can be easily missed. Rent a carpet cleaner or hire someone to come shampoo your floors and rugs. It’s a lot of work, but doing the cleaning yourself can save you beaucoup bucks and it will pay off big time. 

  1. Declutter

Once everything is sparkling clean, it’s time to dejunk and declutter. Go through every inch of your home and move out unnecessary items. Piles of papers and magazines, mountains of blankets, and collectible figurines should be put away out of sight. Less is more when you stage your home, so don’t be afraid to be brutal with your decluttering.

  1. Use What You Have on Hand

The idea of going out and buying all new home decor is enticing, but not when you think about the accompanying price tags. Instead of buying new things just for temporary staging, try using what you have on hand. Go through your house and gather baskets, candles, hardcover books, vases, decorative bowls, plants, and anything else you think might look good on a shelf. Take a look at them and one-by-one find a home for the items that work well. You can find tips for staging shelves here. Remember not to over-clutter anything, since you just put in all the work to declutter. Most homes show best with about 50% of the stuff from inside of them removed.

  1. Put Your Focus Where it Matters Most

It’s tempting to try to make every inch of your house look magazine-worthy, but in most cases that’s not realistic. Don’t spread yourself (and your staging items) so thin. Instead, focus your staging efforts on the master bedroom, living room and kitchen. These are the areas buyers are most interested in, so work on making them shine and don’t worry so much about bathrooms, laundry rooms and extra bedrooms.

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