What NOT to Do When Selling Your Home in Dallas County

Selling your home is a major decision, and it comes with a fair amount of uncertainty. It’s no secret that the process is overwhelming. 

You might be flooded with recommendations of what you need to do when selling a home, but what about the things you should NOT do? 

Making these mistakes when selling your property can lead to disastrous consequences and the loss of thousands of dollars. Here’s what NOT to do when selling your home in Dallas County, Texas:

DO NOT Ignore Needed Repairs

Whether your gutter is falling off or the bathroom sink leaks, ignoring repairs can make it really difficult to sell your home. Fix anything that is broken, but don’t spend too much on renovations since you probably won’t see your money back in selling price.

Your best bet is to handle repairs as they come up rather than waiting until you decide to sell and are faced with thousands of dollars of required fixes. 

DO NOT Underestimate Selling Costs

Selling your house might feel like it will solve all of your problems, but you’ll spend a lot more money to sell your home than you think. In addition to the 6% realtor commissions, there’s the cost of any repairs, listing photos and buyer concessions. You could easily end up paying 10% or more of the sale price of your home.

DO NOT Overprice Your Home

One of the biggest pitfalls home sellers face is the temptation to overprice their home. It’s natural to want the highest price possible, but setting a price that’s too high will scare buyers away. Instead, start with a more reasonable price and oftentimes competition will drive the price up. 

Houses that are listed too high tend to stay on the market longer. Buyers browsing listings online will notice the length of time the house has been on the market and if it’s been listed for several months they assume something must be wrong with it.

Don’t fall into this trap! Set the right price for your home from the start. 

DO NOT Try to DIY Your Listing Photos

In today’s digital age, more than 44% of buyers start their home search online. The listing photos for your home are the first thing many potential buyers will see, so this is not something to skimp on.

A professional photographer will be able to capture your home in the best lighting and make space look more open and inviting with a wide-angle lens. Listings with DIY photos are often dark and narrow and don’t show your home well.

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