Can I Host an Open House in Texas During COVID-19?

Even in the best of circumstances, holding an open house to sell a home can be stressful, and not every seller can pull it off. 

But during COVID-19, everything that used to seem so normal is now an opportunity for exposure and spreading disease. 

When the Governor of Texas issued his executive “stay-at-home” order, he allowed essential services to continue. Real estate operations are considered one of those essential services. But at all businesses have had to make adjustments to the way they operate, so have real estate agents.

Changes to Open Houses in COVID-19

In some areas you are still allowed to hold traditional open houses, provided you follow the safety protocols of wearing masks, maintaining social distance and limiting numbers inside of the home.

Thanks to the increasing prevalence of technology, however, virtual house tours have taken the real estate industry by storm in recent months.

Virtual Open Houses

Virtual open houses are similar to traditional ones in that they have a start and end time, they are open to the public and they are a means of showing your home and property off to potential buyers.

They also have some obvious differences. In a virtual setting, buyers are at the mercy of the selling agent or whoever is holding the camera for the tour. The tour guide can easily skip over unsavory areas of the home that wouldn’t go unnoticed in an in-person tour. 

They have many benefits, including:

  • Being able to show the home to a greater number of prospective buyers, including those who live outside of the immediate area
  • Easily maintaining health and safety guidelines, especially for the high-risk population 
  • The ability to show your home in the best light and only showing off areas you want to be seen

Current Texas Guidelines

Back in May of 2020, the Texas Realtors recommended halting all in-person open houses. More recently, however, they’ve loosened their restrictions to allow traditional in-person so long as all parties maintained health and safety standards. 

Currently virtual tours are the recommended way to go but if you feel the need to hold an in-person one, there are ways to do it safely.

Safety Recommendations for In-Person House Tours

The Texas Health and Human Services Department has issued the following health and safety guidelines for all event organizers, including those organizing in-person showings:

  • Any individuals helping to host the event must be trained in properly disinfecting and sanitizing surfaces
  • All who attend the event must be screened for symptoms of COVID-19, including a temperature check
  • All attendees must sanitize hands upon entrance
  • Maintain 6’ social distance at all times
  • If food is provided, it must be individually packaged
  • Face coverings must be worn

To read the guidelines in full, visit the website here

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